M. Graham Walnut Alkyd Medium

M. Graham Walnut Alkyd Medium


Concentrated walnut alkyd medium thins the color, accelerates drying, enhances adhesion between layers and increases surface sheen and flexibility while remaining essentially nonyellowing.  Our walnut alkyd is nontoxic and designed to augment the special nature of our oil color but it is completely compatible with other artists oil colors and mediums.

There are no solvents in the walnut alkyd medium.  It is an alcohol-based resin mixed with walnut oil.  Walnut alkyd medium is a drying agent but the most important feature is increased adhesion between the paint film and the painting surface and the paint layers themselves.  This makes for a more durable painting.  We recommend to mix 1 -3 drops per extruded inch of paint.  If you mix too much walnut alkyd medium with your paint, your paint will become sticky and will not dry and could possibly crack.

The walnut alkyd is made to mix with paint and not as a varnish.

If you want to put the walnut alkyd in another container for measuring purposes, we recommend using a plastic squeeze dispensing bottle with a long cone or neck. We do not recommend using a dropper with a rubber suction bulb.


Available in 4oz,


Safety & Handling:

We recommend laying out your rags and towels containing walnut oil and/or walnut alkyd in a single layer until dry.  Once dried they can be disposed of.